We understand your stated and implied needs, and successfully transforming that into deliverables that support your organizational objectives.


We listen, and we lead. We understand the details, but also rise above the details to deliver success.

Our job is to keep internal stakeholders and external consulting team members focused and organized in creating robust and complete documents for tender/procurement. We ensure project execution is carefully managed so there is no scope creep and the result is seamlessly handed over to operations.


Our experience from coast to coast in multiple institutional sector FF&E planning and delivery projects recognizes that detail management is critical. FF&E databases are the largest single repositories of project information for healthcare clients.

This activity is one of the first project aspects to be initiated, and one of the last to be closed out. With tens of thousands of details for equipment location, utility requirements, procurement criteria, etc., a clear and concise plan will prevent these details from overwhelming staff, confusing participants, and leading to costly on-site rework and waste.


From initial planning to development of project governance materials, to risk management reporting, status reporting, budgeting and strategy development and implementation, trust Kingdom Project Management Consulting to provide expert advice on how your organization can focus on ongoing operations while parallel activities are successfully managed, controlled, and reported.


Few large-scale public infrastructure projects in Ontario and BC (as well as other provinces) move forward outside of the BF, DBF, DBFM, or Progressive DB model. For first timers, the process can be confusing and complex.

This is where we can help. Contact Kingdom Project Management Consulting so we can help you navigate through these waters, give you important tips and advice, and help you build your team and round it out so you stay in control.


Having developed numerous Output Specification documents, including RFP and Project Agreement (PA) documents, we know what to look for so you don't get caught with confusing, overlapping, or incomplete tender documentation.

We take a critical and discerning look at your specifications, before they become someone else's contract that you're bound to. This saves you future negotiation time, money, and headaches that could be avoided, and the small investment in a peer review consistently generates great returns.