Our experience ranges from small renovations to mega-projects hospital infrastructure renewals and new builds.
These are some of our selected projects.

Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre

Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre – Phase 1A

Hamilton ON

This Build-Finance (BF) project replaced significant areas of in-patient rooms as well as other clinical services in the 1950's/60's era campus. Bart DeVries, Principal at Kingdom Project Management Consulting, managed contractor and consultant relationships in the construction of this 480,000ft² new build and renovation.

He also led operational readiness and transition activities, relocating critical departments such as the ICU, Pharmacy, Emergency, Diagnostic Imaging, and Operating suites in an incredibly tight transition of just two weeks post Substantial Completion.

Ron Joyce Children's Health Centre

Ron Joyce Children's Health Centre

Hamilton ON

This Design-Build-Finance (DBF) project was developed on a complex brownfield site in Hamilton's North End neighbourhood. Bart DeVries led this project from initiation to completion.

At 180,000 BGSF and a budget of $92M, this project was successfully concluded 6 months ahead of original project scheduling and nearly 20% below budget.

Significantly, the project was completed with $0 in change orders – an unprecedented result for a healthcare project. Our input into the project was widely recognized as the difference maker, and users still comment on the building saying they still "wouldn't change a thing", 5+ years after completion.

West Lincoln Memorial Hospital

West Lincoln Memorial Hospital

Grimsby ON

A project over a quarter-century in the making, Bart DeVries, Principal at Kingdom Project Management Consulting, led this fast-tracked project through initial programming through to contract negotiations.

An unprecedented schedule of activity (less than two years from initiation to RFP close) could only be completed with strong leadership and stakeholder management.

Bart's understanding of the local community and nature of P3 delivery projects allowed him to contribute to key design decisions, and his ability to assess and make decisions quickly allowed this project to meet or exceed all major planning milestones.

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